Andreas Böhlen Band

A quartet of saxophone, guitar, bass and drums. Young, highly energetic and innovative modern-jazz band.

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Satyr’s Band

Drawing on a repertoire from the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as contemporary works, the ensemble designs a unique program for each concert.

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Theatrum Affectuum

Founded in 2003, Theatrum Affectuum specialises in music from 17th and 18th century Italy, England and Germany.

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Sounds & Tours

Upcoming shows

  • 05 June 15 Andreas Böhlen in Reinach at Evangelisch Reformierte Kirche
  • 15 June 15 New Shore Orchestra in Kirchdorf an der Krems at KIZ
  • 20 June 15 Kug 50 year anniversary Big Band in Graz at Wist/Moxx
  • 27 June 15 Società di Lunedi in Lütetsburg (Ostfriesland) at Schloss
  • 28 June 15 Società di Lunedi in Altenberg im Bergischen Land at Dom
  • 03 July 15 Società di Lunedi in Kaltern an der Weinstraße at Weinmuseum
  • 17 August 15 Andreas Böhlen in Lausanne at Improvisation Festival
  • 26 August 15 Andreas Böhlen in Basel at Birds Eye